Daniella Cippitelli
Treasure I inherited from my maternal grandfather
Treasure I inherited from my maternal grandfather

Artist Statement

Since early childhood, I’ve been an artist. Throughout high school I could always be seen with a camera, sketch pad and charcoals or a notebook I wrote poems and song lyrics in. The quintessential renaissance soul I guess you could say. I would draw tattoo ideas for friends and gave away large charcoal drawn posters to anyone who wanted them.

While pursuing my undergraduate degree I took an animation class in my last semester. I fell in love with the computer as another tool to create. I went on to spend almost 20 years in the graphic arts side of things. Working in publishing for almost 15 of those years I left a creative director position to start my own web development agency. Eventually, I sold my half of the business to my partner and returned to my fine art roots.

My work is comprised mostly of abstract paintings in oil or acrylic and photography. I love to play with movement in both my painting style and photography. 

I have always been attracted to water. Its movement, how it affects its surroundings, and the way it resonates with people. My abstract paintings take on that same fluidity for me. The paint is like water moving across the canvas. I like to play with shapes and lines, giving life to my pieces, taking on an individual meaning and feeling for the viewer. I hope to stir emotion in the person looking at it, so they don’t just see the work but feel something as well.

In my photography, I am searching for some kind of movement as well, to tell a story, an emotion. I love art that makes you feel something.

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